Playful elegance

The name of this collection, Ayli, derives from its English acronym that is "As You like it", or "as you want it". The items that are part of this collection, expression of a playful refinement and elegance. The creations, in black or transparent crystal 24 %Pbo, are structured according to an extremely special aesthetic. In fact, each article is characterized by a mobility of the upper part, which allows an epicentric rotation, an operation that gives dynamism and versatility to the objects of this collection.

Line Tondo Doni

The crystal TONDO DONI discloses to our senses the perception of crystal as a precious material and at the same time attractive design element.

Pure crystal with over 24% Pbo

Tondo Doni guarantees that every item purchased is made of pure lead crystal with more than 24% Pbo, blown by mouth and hand-worked

Fast shipping

Tondo Doni ships design objects in pure crystal in 30 days throughout Italy. Shipment with online tracking and secure payments.

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