Ethereal beauty

The origin of the pyramid symbolise a ladder, the ascent to heaven. This is the idea that Mario Cioni & C wants to transmit with this collection of centrepieces: enrich any space with ethereal beauty. The base of the Pyramidion is a square, symbol of perfection, immutability and stability. The centrepieces of this collection want therefore be expression of how the skilful hands of our masters melt with crystal with over 24% of PbO's beauty to create shapes that look at the divine.

Brand Tondo Doni

The crystal TONDO DONI discloses to our senses the perception of crystal as a precious material and at the same time attractive design element.

Pure crystal with over 24% Pbo

Tondo Doni guarantees that every item purchased is made of pure lead crystal with more than 24% Pbo, blown by mouth and hand-worked

Fast shipping

Tondo Doni ships design objects in pure crystal in 30 days throughout Italy. Shipment with online tracking and secure payments.

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