Giulia Gold 421

Crystal and gold

The decoration in pure gold meet the brightness of the crystal to create a timeless tableware series. The pantograph cutting process it is then decorated with a small brush to spread pure 24K liquid gold. The following high temperature oven cooking permit to fix the precious metal on the stemware. Let's imagine how much dedication is needed to follow the drawing.

Collection composed of stemware, tumbler, decanter, jugs, tea tumbler etc. 

Brand Mario Cioni

The historic glassware MARIO CIONI is distinguished by the lines marked by the classic canons of high art glassware.

Pure crystal with over 24% Pbo

Mario Cioni guarantees that every item purchased is made of pure lead crystal with more than 24% Pbo, blown by mouth and hand-worked

Fast shipping

Mario Cioni ships design objects in pure crystal in 30 days throughout Italy. Shipment with online tracking and secure payments.

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