Phatos Gold 421 HB tumbler set of 6...

Phatos Gold 421 HB tumbler set of 6 pieces

Clear crystal HB tumbler with pure 24K gold decoration.



Elegant shape and refined gold decoration to drink all kind of beverage such as soft drinks of various kind but also cocktails.

Product Details

pure lead crystal 24% of PbO and gold decoration 24K
mouth blown
engraved and cut by hand
Height (mm)
diameter (mm)
6 pieces
Content (cl)

About Mario Cioni

Mario Cioni brand owns his name to the company founder and its characterized by delicate shapes and lines based on the classic canons of high quality, artistic crystal ware. All object of this brand are completely hand-made by our artisans that, thank to their talent and know how, are able to create particular and unique articles. Choosing a Mario Cioni creation means choosing quality, perceiving history behind its beauty, recognizing the style of an exclusive object capable of provoking emotions. Objects where the inherent value of the purest crystal is made precious by the passion of those who are devoted to making it a work of art.

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