Sagamore bowl
Sagamore bowl
Sagamore bowl

Sagamore bowl

Amber or clear crystal bowl with over 24% of PbO completely mouth-blown and hand-cut.

  • Amber
  • Transparent


The mutation of form is inspired by historical primordial memories that have been consolidated the Native leadership. The marmoreal lightness of the engraving remains fluid in the transparency created, the light goes trough the shape and gives life to the object. A single emotion is perceptible by the eye and the touch.

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About Tondo Doni

The Tondo Doni brand was inspired by Michelangelo’s famous work, as its name suggests. The work was created by the Renaissance artist with the will to revolutionize the vision of pictorial art, for this reason, this line is also based on the possibility of modifying the aesthetic canons and seeing the company crystal creations with a new perspective. The creations of Tondo Doni can arouse emotions in those who look at them. Through the study of crystal ware by professional craftsmen, perfect and versatile works are created.

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